Coastal Volunteers in Medicine

Web Design & Development

Prepared for
Walt Dombroski
Board Treasurer

Jovan Mena


I. Goals

A. A total web re-design to represent Coastal VIM.

Clear and consistent messaging across every page of the website. 

Migrate web hosting and maintenance to Mena Web Agency’s dedicated WordPress performance server. 

Coastal VIM aims to have a website that reflects its values and an easy-to-use website for visitors to find more information, donations or submit an online inquiry. Mena Web Agency develop websites that use best practices and ADA complaint.

II. Web Redesign

A. Total web redesign for Coastal VIM

The redesign will include a new design theme, separating core messaging into individual pages, online forms, events calendar, etc.

Each page will have a consistent design, color palette, detailed descriptions, and call-to-actions.

III. Easy Ways to Donate

A. WordPress has many solutions that are add-ons to WooCommerce that enable donations. 

Every page will have a call-to-action for a donation. 

Online inquiry forms will be optimized to collect detailed information and sent by email to the person designated. We can also use online forms to collect payments.

We can also integrate third-party apps that specialize in collecting donations.

Making it easy to donate is challenging since every visitor interacts differently with a website. Our approach is to use best practices that have worked in the past. 

IV. Pricing and Payment Terms

A. The project’s web redesign for non-profits $750.00

Donation Functionalities(Optional)

1. $550.00 one-time WooCommerce Setup fee

2. Custom Add-ons to extend WooCommerce will be priced according to the third-party licensing fees

3. Custom online donation form integrated with Stripe or PayPal $550.00


C. Web Hosting & Maintenance 

1. $49.99 a month

2. $39.99 monthly if paid one year in advance($479.88 yearly)

V. Thank You

Thank you for the opportunity to submit this proposal. We would be honored to work on your online presence for Coastal VIM.

If you have any questions or concerns about this proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Jovan Mena

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